Bacon Boxcutters a Novel by Jim E.M. Miles Bacon Boxcutters a Novel by Jim E.M. Miles

Suicide terrorists gained control of the aircraft of 9/11 by cutting throats with knives and box cutters. Here's another surprise: they have a deadly new strain of swine flu.

A pharmaceutical profiteer has recruited a bent, egotistical scientist and a merciless terrorist to experiment on human subjects. At a secret camp hidden in Northern Ontario, using a low-tech method available to anyone, they are cultivating a lethal virus that will kill millions of people.

Businessman Morris Parker, ex-soldier, and his ex-army friends intervene in a robbery at the Cumberland Arms pub. Morris kills a gang member. A corrupt cop charges Morris with murder. The cop is delivering homeless people to the secret camp.

To save himself, Morris must uncover a plan for mass murder, and he cannot turn to the public authorities for help. Morris and friends face bureaucracy, corruption, and incompetence in a series of early defeats. The more they learn, the greater the danger.

In this game, Morris and his team must go all-in, and ultimately choose between self-preservation and self-sacrifice. The world faces a frightening new weapon of mass destruction.

Have our public authorities learned enough from 9/11 to prevent a recurrence? Morris and friends learn the unfortunate truth.

Second Option is NEXT: suicide terrorist narrative, and humorous summary
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